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Money vs. Wealth

Over time people have become confused between money and wealth. This is precisely what central bankers have had to do to convince consumers to borrow and spend recklessly. If any part of the government/ Federal Reserve/ banking system is operating well.., it's their public relations/ advertising/ media division.

Glitz and Glamour versus Substance

While attending a national trade show held in a large convention center, I stopped walking suddenly and had an epiphany.

Actually, I had been walking the aisles back and forth looking at booths and realized that I had probably walked the last two aisles in a zombie-like trance and needed to take a rest. So I stopped, sat down for a moment and started observing.

Perfectionism and an Arts & Craft Business

A great many artists struggle with perfectionism. Sometimes perfectionism helps us to get better at something but often, particularly in business, it can get in the way of success.

Is Liberty League A Pyramid Scheme

... Well it would appear so.

Today the Office of Fair Trading (NSW) issued a letter which would indicate that Liberty League is trading as a pyramid sales scheme as defined under the Fair Trading Act of 1987 (NSW).

Wealth Alert for Working Mothers

A US economic study* has found that most mothers who go out to work, DO NOT harm their children's development UNLESS they are RICH!

The research found "large negative effects" on children from wealthier families which included a substantial drop in educational attainment, and a greater risk of obesity. "It may be a mistake to exclusively focus on work during the earliest years.." the report concluded.

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